Scinic OII EX BB Cream Review!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I love BB creams. I've tried so many I have lost count. After I found out ones that I personally like, I started to realize that I may have purchased fake bb creams! It's definitely a problem so now I only buy bb cream from a trust eBay seller, Bello-girl. She is willing, and has posted images of invoices from HO of the products she sells. She has the selling rights! Her prices are fair and shipping is fast. What makes me to continue shopping with this seller is how kind she is. She personally hand writes a little note for each purchase and gives you samples as well. Highly recommended!!

I bought this a while ago after asking Bello-girl what were the lightest bb creams. I had been using Lioele BB cream for quite some time but I noticed that it either oxidizes or it's just not really close to my shade. She suggested this one and ElishaCoy (which I later bought, a review will come in time!). I  hadn't really heard of this brand and couldn't find too much information on it but decided to give it a go anyway.

I can't find the product anymore! I wonder if they've discontinued it.. :( Anyway, here is the blooming bb with the same/similar stats.

It has a very woods-y scent to it, which may or may not be pleasant for some. It is light but I do appreciate the coverage it gives me. Paired with a primer (which is my number one must have make-up product. I am using Etude House Pore Eraser Essence Primer in this shoot), your skin turns out flawless!

You can see my discoloration and breakout in my cheek area in these. Click the photos for a bigger picture. When putting it on, I tend to stipple some bb cream on my lips as well and you can't really do that with this product. It dries on my lips, though not my skin.

It gives me a nice shine but nothing extreme. It doesn't feel heavy either, which is something that really bugs me with a lot of foundation. I don't want to feel like I'm wearing any! There is SPF37/PA++ so that's a great things for me. I need my sunblock!!

I applied some mineral veil from Coastal Scent and this is the result!

 DOESN'T MY SKIN LOOK FLAWLESS?! I wish my skin always looked like this... I'm posing with Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick which I will be reviewing soon. ^^

Final Words: This is one of my favourite BB creams (along side ElishaCoy). I'm always in the market to try out new BB creams so I wont fully commit yet, but it's high on my list! I appreciate the coverage and the sun block, also how light it makes my skin feel.

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