Thursday, October 13, 2011

I got SO sick this weekend, so no Stress-Free Sunday or Happy Thanksgiving Day post. :'( I hope you guys had a great one regardless! This was my outfit to get my last micro session and just do school work the whole day. Boring but heeey, it's mid-term season! BRB while I cry in a corner.. hopefully I make it out alive! T^T Check out my schedule for this week, I am hilarious. Or try to be.

So, I broke out my BLUE jeans. I know coloured jeans are still fairly scarce (or at least I haven't seen many people wearing them where I live) but I own a blue and red pair (though I haven't worn the red in the longest time!). There's something about the material I'm not too found of. I barely remember even buying them!!

Hat: F21
Blouse:Costa Blanca?? I can't actually remember..
Blazer: zara♥
Jeans: UP
Shoes: Some discount store in Dixi Mall YEARS ago
Sunglasses: Ardene

I love zara. I got that blazer on sale and it's one of my favourites. Though I need to tighten the button... I really hate sewing on buttons, so tedious.

Off to study and work I go, Have a great week!

P,s I ordered some circle lenses for my Halloween shoot... hopefully I get it in time.

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