October Luxe Box Mini Reviews!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quoting myself from my first Luxe Box post,
" Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers you deluxe sized samples of brand name beauty items. Skincare, body care, hair care, make-up -the whole shabang! "

 This month Luxe Box got a new, sleek look! I liked the boxes before but you can't deny how posh the new boxes are. They're probably more eco friendly as well since the material isn't as thick. Anyway, they definitely went all out and customised these boxes, MY NAME WAS ON A STICKER! MY NAME! My super-Italian-scarce-in-North-America name!!

Let's just say it was nice to see. People do love seeing and being called their name. I read that in a book once... haha

Sadly, I misplaced one of the products when I was taking photos. The Olay Professional Pro-X eye restoration complex, so no pictures for that one. It's a fairly thick cream without a scent and is very hydrating. Since I have young skin I don't think there are as many benefits to me as to others, but prevention is key right! I use eye serums but not any creams so it's nice to actually have this.

China Glaze Crackle in Tarnish Gold. I was STOKED to get this. I've tried crackle polish before but never purchased one... AND IT'S A FULL SIZED BOTTLE! I am gold biased so the colour really excites me. Though I did make a poor base coat choice (Gosh's Miss Mole, which I love, just not paired with Tarnished Gold).

Kérastase's Exlir Ultime. This stuff SMELLS amazing. I misplaced the bottle so I can't go back and describe it better (okay, it's mid-term season, my place is a mess ^^;;) but I just remember thinking of heaven while putting this through my hair. It made my hair feel soft and silky. I would definitely purchase a full bottle of this stuff.

Lise Watier Plumplissmo Le Gloss. I'm not too into plumping glossing because I've yet to find one that works. This is no except BUT I do like it as a gloss alone. It's shiny and shimmer so I wouldn't wear it alone (I'm not too into shiny and shimmery glosses in general) but I did find this moisturizing. My lips are always dry so it's something that's important for me in lip products!

Lise Watier Flash Life Radiance Vials. Luxe Box subscribers are the first to test out this product in Canada! How neat is that? I was pretty surprised with this product actually. You can feel a light tingle after application, it's doing it's magic! It is a small sample so I don't think I can properly say anything about it's results but I would like to try more.

So overall I'm happy with everything I got. My favourites are the China Glaze polish (I am after all China Glaze biased!) and Olay's eye cream! Can't wait to see what's in next months box!!

Want in?? Subscribe to Luxe Box today!! :D 

p,s, here's a sneak peak from my Halloween shoot!

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