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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi, Everyone!!!

I hope that you all had a wonnnnnderful Thanksgiving, long weekend! I know I did. It’s going to be tough going back to school tomorrow, especially since I have to be up at 530 again. D’oh! Anyway, as I promised, a review of Head2ToeBeauty. 

Now, for a very long time I have been intrigued by discount beauty sites such as transdesign.com and 8ty8beauty.com. They are actually fantastic. You can find brand polish at ridiculously low prices. China glaze are usually around 3.00. HOWEVER, that being said, I was actually horrified at the shipping charges and never actually got around to purchasing off these websites. Also, on top of that, they don’t tell you the shipping charges before you purchase, which is really uncool. Transdesign’s shipping charges were OUTRAGEOUS!! It was 32.00 to ship to Canada. Forgettttt that. Anyhow, last week I was browsing these sites again and came across Head2ToeBeauty and decided to try it. Shipping was reasonable....it was less than $20, the cheapest I’ve seen, thus far. I ended up buying 5 polishes: Essie, Bangle Jangle, China Glaze, Naughty or Nice, Concrete Catwalk, Atlantis and Metallic Muse.


L-R: Bangle Jangle, Metallic Muse, Atlantis, Concrete Catwalk, Naughty or Nice

I have to say, I was very, very, impressed with the overall Head2ToeBeauty experience. They were fast, efficient and accurate. I’ve heard stories of girls ordering nail polishes off these type of websites and not getting the correct polish or polish bottles breaking in the mail. None of that happened to me. They wrapped up each bottle in bubble wrap and placed it in a box full of Styrofoam. I ordered my polishes on a Sunday night and received them on Wednesday. Pretty fast! On top of that, I absolutely adore all the polishes I bought. I wore China Glaze’s Metallic Muse, the other day and both my grandparents commented on it as well as some customer at work!

So, would I shop from Head2ToeBeauty, again? Absolutely. Happy Turkey Day!!

Xox S 

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