Happy Birthday Dad!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Friday was my dad's birthday! ^^ I made a yummy impromptu brunch which consisted of potato cakes (first time making them and they turned out delish!!), stir fry cabbage, scrambled eggs and some fruit. Super yummy and filling! For dinner I made Linguine Pesche. We originally were supposed to go out for brunch but construction workers ended up coming in the morning (we're getting our porch redone). So, when I went shopping for his present I got him two dress shirts, some dark chocolate ANNNNNNNNNNNNNND A DART BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so pumped to play. We have to decided a good place first! Everyone kept saying that I bought the dart board for me because I was so excited to play but my father and I have similar tastes so I knew he'd like it too and guess what? HE DID. SO HA!!!

And of  course I ended up buying a few things for myself... I bought these cute mini bags and some shampoo. I bought some makeup remover too but it fell out of the bag! T^T
There is a smaller one that's white, which is currently in my bag, look out for the what's in my bag post! ;)

These Hamadi shampoo are 98% organic! I like the honey soymilk hair wash but the ginger one isn't amazing. It doesn't really lather so it's hard to know if you're washed correctly. The conditioner is nice but I still prefer my Tadooshi! c: 

My aunt actually gave me this since she knows I'm a fan of E.L.F. It smells delicious and moisturizes really well.

That's me on the way to the bakery haha And because I'm such a good blogger, I took pictures of the yummies!!!


Got an Italian rum cake since my family likes that (though I don't). My favourite cake is carrot, what's your?? Have a lovely day!!!

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