Etude House VIP Girl 'Dear Darling' Review!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

 WOO-HOO! Etude House is one of my favourite Korean cosmetic brands! I was lucky enough to have a friend go to Korea and pick this up for me! I got shade PK007 - 'Dear Darling'.

It looks VERY pink in the tube and I though I would end up looking like barbie, but I guess because I'm so fair it works. Or at least I think it does, so that's all that matters!! I wore this at work and it lasted for the most part, but then I looked in the mirror after I ate and my lips look a little dry. So you'll have to re-apply after meals. ^-^;

The tube is cute, though a little too plastic, pricess-y for me, looks a little more like a child's toy.

I applied this on my lips with some chapstick underneath because I feel like it's a little drying (but my lips always seem to be dry.. T^T). It applied smoothly and I really like the colour!

Final words: I would definitely re-buy this. I looked at the other shades and I really want OR205! I don't know how much my friend paid for it but only you can get it for 9$+.

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