Stress-Free Sundays

Sunday, September 18, 2011

     So on Thursday I freaked out big time, over something small but I tend to overreact unfortunately. I had done something I probably shouldn't have but it was so minor that I shouldn't have taken more then ten minutes reflecting why I was in the wrong. Instead, it ruined my whole evening. So I was downloading a bunch of stress relief/worry box apps and one of the tips had something to do with listing what you're happy/grateful about everyday. So, that's what I want to do, but weekly. Hopefully I can keep this up. I encourage you all to do the same, LET ME KNOW WHAT THREE THINGS HAVE MADE YOU HAPPY THIS WEEK!! Lets start our week reminiscing on the good so our minds stay positive!

1: I spent the day before school starting with a good friend who helped me pick out an amazing dress I would have never bought. Also, it was only 10$!! This is one quick snap I took (look, no make-up!) but it doesn't give justice to how pretty it is. I'll do a proper shoot with it soon. Anyway, it was a nice day talking about what the upcoming school year could bring and reminiscing on the previous. She also introduced me to a lovely pear drink I may be becoming addicted to! ;)
2: I only spent $100 on text books for school (and it looks like my total will reach <200$ for this semester. This makes me INCREDIBLE happy because I'm always on a budget for school and text books take up so much money. Some friends have spent 400$+ (and I have in previous years) so it's nice when your total amount is low. :)
3: I got a handwritten letter from a good friend of mine. We've grown a little apart the past year and it made me really happy that time was taken to write a THREE page (albeit small) letter for me. And, as written in the letter, who doesn't like getting things in the mail?? ^^ I absolutely adore getting things in the mail, especially letters with doodles, or hand-made cards. Those are the best. (friend received one back hehe) ♥♥♥

So, these posts will be short, and are more for personal reasons if anything. I always want to be happy and cheerful and even if it's hard I would like to set time aside to think of three things that made my week great for me! I hope you guys will do the same! ^^
Sophie, feel free to edit this entry with yours as well. ^^

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