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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, here is what I wore to my phonetics course... which, by the way, was such a snore fest. For some reason lin100 isn't a prereq though you have to take it if you're a specialist/major... so it's stuff I've already gone over for a few years.. HOW MANY TIMES AM I GOING TO RE-LEARN?! BUT, whatever, at least it'll be easy for me. ^-^ Surprisingly I ran into my friend Joe Louis (LOL -inside joke, sorry!).. didn't realize we were in the class together and were laughing before and after. So much it hurt and had tears in my eyes. I bet people around us thought I was on something. Man, that five minute walk to the subway was amazing!

Anyway, here are the pictures!

Click the pictures for a larger view

+Translucent blouse from Suzy Shier ($7.50 HELL YEA FAVOURITE SHIRT!)
+Ripped jeans - Costa Blanca
+Hat - Can't remember...
+Boots - Spring
+Necklace - gift
+Orange earring - some place in China Town

Hope you guys had a great day!


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