My iPod Died, What Is Life?

Monday, September 12, 2011

So... like I had mentioned before, the leopard shoot got cut short because Mother Nature decided it was the time to pour. I gathered up my equipment and went inside thinking nothing of it. That particular day I kept thinking about how useless it was to bring my ipod to listen to *my* jams while in a shoot because you can't hear anything! I brought it out anyway. BIG REGRET.

Meet my iPod as of today. When I woke up the next day and realized that I had left my iPod outdoors.. after it rained. I rushed to retrieve it and found it. Right side up, crying. Okay not really but that's how I imagine it would feel if it had emotions. My beloved orange, 4th gen iPod nano was accidentally abandoned outside! I put it in a bowl of rice because that apparently has worked for many. I am not one of them. I mean, it makes sense, rice soaks up liquid. But as I cannot take apart my ipod I am unsure how the rice would even soak up that liquid. Currently it's face down in rice in some poor attempt to get it to work again. Alas, I had to either a)buy a new iPod, b) find my ancient iPod somewhere in my house or c)temporarily use my phone while I wait for funds for a. WTH is up with the 6th gen nano's? Fucking ugly as hell. They're so damn small... I think the 4th/5th gen are the perfect size for the nano. I was going to purchase a used 5th gen but they still came up to more than I wanted to spend. I will have to spend a fortune on text books in a few days... So, I went with option c. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

My mad awesome Google Nexus S has a damn good audio player. Everything on my iTunes is crazily sorted, I have to have the proper artist, album art, playlists..etc and I am happy I can still SYNC my phone to my iTunes AND Last.Fm accounts! So I figured I'd write a post with the apps that I'm using on my phone that help me sync.

iSyncr is what I use to sync all my music from iTunes to my phone without any hassle. I plug in my phone, click iSyncr and choose which playlists I want on my phone. It does take a bit of time to actually sync but it does eventually do the job. It removes any files you may take out of your playlists as well, so it's constantly updating the lists you tell it to! Very simple and easy!

Simple Scobbler scrobbles any plays on my phone directly to my account. You can choose if you want to immediately scrobble or during timed intervals. It does use data, I have no idea how much but I'm going to assume not a significant amount for the time being. You do have a choice to scrobble by 3g, wifi, or both though! I'm not sure why but I really don't like my charts messed up. I don't like listening to music on youtube because I want them to be scrobbled! haha

Yeah, you like my varied playlist, don't you? haha

So, that's it. I thought the audio player on my phone would DRAIN my battery but it really doesn't. So I'm satisfied leaving my iPod to rest and make more use of my Nexus... which I shall pimp out in all it's glory!! I bought a simple orange plastic case from eBay and then I purchased a customized decal from UniqueSkins. Tbh I was disappointed with the decal. I wasn't planning on using a case (though, considering how accident prone I am, I should. My iPod may be alive if I did!) but there was so much negative space between the decal that I just decided to keep the back sticker on my case instead. I didn't like how the front decal looked at all and just thew it away.

Oh and that's my tofu phone holder I bought from Anime north for THREE DOLLAR! I love it. ^^

 The whole fam! haha


OH YEA Yesterday was my first day of class. It was interesting.. lol I had work in the day and had to rush off to my class. For some reason I kept thinking my phonetics class was first and even when I went to find the building for my syntax class... I went to phonetics! AND I DID THE SAME THING THE DAY OF THE ACTUAL CLASS EVEN THOUGH MY FRIEND TEXTED ME TO REMIND ME (thanks Katy)! lulz I fail. Oh well, I made it in time though it was hard to find a seat. At first no one around me looked friendly, everyone had their nose stuck to their phone or just didn't seem happy and there was this very loud group of people who already knew each other so it's like there's a big clique. I did manage to find a really cool friend who came in a little later and sat next to me. I was attracted to her tattoos and she was into my syringe pen (pictures coming soon)!


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