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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

So here are the pictures from the Leopard shoot. Now that I look back on it I don't like my spots too much, I did it quickly and could have done a better job but you live and learn. I'll do better next time. I still really like the pictures though!^^

OH ALSO, these are the results of my self tanning adventure! I took other pictures so a review to come! I seem to always do things late, who writes a self tanner review when fall is about to come? I do, that's who. Thankfully somewhere in the world summer will be coming! ha!

In other news I am really into this penpal app. Talking to strangers has always freaked me out because I feel like there is always some ulterior motive (paranoid? haha) but I've met some really cool people. I don't sent out any inital messages, I just wait for them to come to me and a majority of them are Korean speakers wanting to learn English, which is cute because I wouldn't mind them sharing their Korean with me! haha I try not to speak about kpop or dramas because I know it's not a big deal there, if they ask I'll tell though! :)

Also, SCHOOL HAS STARTED for most people. Not me. I don't go back till next week. :D I've been looking at cosmetic courses in colleges but I really don't want to push aside finishing university for two years, do something else, graduate then go back.. I feel like I wouldn't go back. Why am I doomed to be in school forever? Why do I enjoy taking classes so much even if it stresses me out to know end???? Am I crazy? ah~ I'll probably be a nervous wreak all day, when others are nervous, my body absorbs that feeling. haha hate that... Anyway, have a great day!


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