I need to vent.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm just going to go ahead and label my swear jar, Rob Ford/TTC. It seems a majority of my complaints are about these two things (yes, Rob Ford is a thing). 

1) I was on my way home tonight from dinner with a friend when some crazy lady comes up to ME. Stops me in my tracks. Asks me for change for the bus. I politely tell her I don't have any change because I use a metro pass (which is completely true, btw) and she looks at me and says "pffft, I didn't think you'd help me....you look stuck up!" and walks away....okay. EXCUSE ME! You stopped ME to ask me for change in the rain. I didn't want to stop and talk to you but I did. I am SO sorry that I don't carry around a bag of change for all the citizens of Toronto who 'lose' their metropass. Next time you try asking someone for change, maybe don't insult them! 

2) Once upon a time I had a bus that dropped me off right in my front of my house. No rain? No problem. Then the lovely people of Etobicoke decided to vote in a lovely (not lovely) man named Rob Ford. He then proceeded to cut bus service and that nice bus that dropped me right in front of my house vanished. Now, I take a bus that drops me off, a 20 min walk from my house. I don't usually mind this except for when it pours on me and I come home looking like a drowned rat. It's almost winter here and I don't suppose I'm going to enjoy this 20 min walk then, either. Thanks, Mr. Ford. What a pal. 

annnnnnnnd....BREATHE :)

- xoxo S

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