A-hoy from Korea!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So a friend of mine is a little crazy and decided to go to South Korea for the second time this year for some K-pop fun! haha I asked if I gave her money if she would buy me some cosmetics while down there, as I love Korean Cosmetics. She graciously accepted.

She bought me a ton of face masks (which were number three on my lists, MBLAQ and Miss A taking slot one and two). WHAT'S AMAzING IS HOW SOME ARE 3D! I don't think anyone will appreciate how amazing this actually is until they get a chance to try them out themselves. It's a little difficult to open but is like a little snuggie for your face and neck! haha I've only tried the Red Wine pack (of course) and have fallen in love. I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of these!!! T^T

I asked her to get me a pink lippy and so she bought me Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick, I'm LOVING IT!♪  I got free samples from that and she also got me a cute cat eyebrow plucker. Nya!~ Or whatever cat sounds are in Korean.

Not pictured but not to be forgotten...

ETUDE HOUSE PUT YOUR HANDS UP DEODORANT!!! Okay so I love 2PM and their most recent single is Put Your Hands Up and Maria and I also filmed a parody... so of course she had to get me this! haha It smells like a bunch of herbs mixed in with limes. It's not like the stick deodorant we have here it's like a solid gel stick? IDK, maybe we have those, I've been using one of those organic crystal stones for a while. XD ANYWAY, I do like it! ^^

So thanks for being awesome and so in love with kpop that you're willing to travel to South Korea and in doing so, picking me up goods! It's like I'm getting you do to the hard part! haha


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