FAIL - gif heavy!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

So I made a make-up tutorial video of a super simple leopard print look.
But after re-watching I noticed the second half of the video is mostly out of focus. lol FAIL You'd think my dlsr would have auto focus capabilities during video mode but nope.... so there are a few options to solve this matter:
a) I put mirrors behind the camera so I make sure I'm in focus (cam doesn't have a flip/swivel viewer or whatever you call it) or,
b) buy a camcorder.
I kind actually just feel like going with b because camcorders really aren't that expensive now-a-days BUT, I figure I spent all this dough on a freaking dlrs I want my freaking money's worth! SO IDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

I may attempt to edit this video, I may not. But just to keep you entertained I made a gif of the end which was surprisingly in focus! haha


My favourite pic from the shoot is me mimicking the pig face
() from You're Beautiful (one of my favourite Korean dramas). I recently started watching the Japanese version and I'm itching to write a comparison (look out for it ;)) This has led me to buy this:

I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS IN MY ARMS. I will express my feelings in gif format

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