Balmshell Lip & Cheek tint review

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So a little while ago a family member had given me some makeup (this is a trend, I love it). One of the things she gave me was this Balmshell Lip & Cheek tint. Of course when I first got it I didn't know what the hell it was. I decided it had to be something for the lips because of the brush but the other end confused me. Then I tried it and WHOA. It was a beautiful burnt red colour, nothing like I was used to wearing!

I have it in Tabloid Tammy, the description via the Balmshell website: When she isn't outing celebs and practicing her career in journalism, Tammy can be found soaking up the sun and working on her tan. That's why her cheek stain has been created with that perfect summer glow look in mind in a beautiful bronze.

It definitely looks better in person, in my opinion. I took these photos quickly before work and didn't have time to adjust my camera settings to get a truer colour -sorry! If I had to compare, it looks like dried blood. That sounds gross but it's a beautiful colour on my lips. I'm not into bright reds, I prefer burnt and deeper colours. ^^ Anyway, let me first start by saying that this product SMELLS AMAZING! It's smell vanilla buttery like, so delish.

The brush is your standard lip gloss brush but the other end has a slanted, smooth, anti-bacterial sponge. I've been using that end on my lips but now I'm starting to think it's supposed to be used on your cheeks... woops! Maybe you can use it with both? The Balmshell site has a better picture than what I took so here is one from their site:

It feels nice on my lips and dries almost instantly, definitely stains. Though I will say after working an eight hour shift and eating in between the colour was faded by the end! The formula includes,
  • White tea extract (powerful antioxidant)
  • Chamomile Extract (soothes and helps sensitive skin)
  • Rose Water (controls oil secretion in the skin)
I like the sounds of that!It's definitely not going to dry out your lips, though it wasn't exactly moisturizing, this is a tint and I didn't expect to feel like there was something on my lips. I'm used to that sticky feeling from glass, boo.

The website lists the product as $20.00, my family member bought it from Shoppers but here is a list of other places you can buy them in Canada and in the States via their website. Worldwide is available at

I haven't used it as a cheek tint because I actually didn't even realize it could be used as that. I will test it out and let you guys know!

Final verdict: I love the colour, I love how it smells and if the wine-stained lip became my every-day wear I would re-buy, on sale (because I need to budget! See how a good student I am?!). In the meantime, I think this bottle is going to last me quite a while. Thanks to my family for buying too much makeup and just giving it to me! haha

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