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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

While Sophie is out in Spain and Italy I'm still here, stuck by my lonesome not surround by fabulous wine and foods. She's keeping a lookout for Sonohra memorabilia for me so I GUESS I'll let this one slide... seeing as she hasn't even edited her info in here. haha I AM THE SOLE BLOGGER! ....with no viewers really so I guess it doesn't matter! OH WELL! This blog is so Feelo centred because Sophie isn't around/isn't a camera whore so she doesn't have any photos to give me to edit in. lol You know what that calls for right? Photoshoot date!

My last few photoshoots have been more about fashion rather than my original intention -make-up. I went back to my roots in this one and went to a masquerade! I know it's been done a ton of times but that doesn't mean I can't!! I had a lot of fun with this one, so hopefully you guys like what you see!

Products used (without being overly specific, ask if you'd like shades):
ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream
L'Oreal On-The-Loose-Shimmering-Powder
Gosh shadow
Warm and colour palettes off eBay
Gel liner off eBay
Loose glitter from Coastal Scents

And as always, you do not have permission to use these photos in any means unless stated otherwise or I've given you personal permission

In other news, I got my third microdermabrasion session today. They upped the intensity and I liked it... that's weird isn't it? lol My esthetician said a quite a few people actually find it relaxing so it's not that far off. I've taken a before picture so once I'm finished all my sessions I'll be blogging about it. I'm really excited for that post, tbh, even though it may be very difficult to write!


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