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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Went grocery shopping and mall browsing with my bud Eric. I wanted to attempt to make Vegangela's "Neat" Balls so I had to go buy supplies. We ended up going too late that it'll be dinner instead of lunch but whatever. I also bought supplies to make homemade falafel!!! So excited, hopefully they turn out okay, I don't have a food processor but I do have a Magic Bullet!!! haha

We goofed off because we missed our bus. IT LEFT A MINUTE EARLY OKAY I TIMED EVERYTHING OUT PERFECTLY!!! I don't actually tower him, he's slouched for some reason. Maybe he likes being a shorty, ha!

Anyway, the outfit:

The skirt is from a Suzy Shier outlet and I LOVE it. It's wonderfully comfortable and soooo soft, I believe it was only 10$.
Top: Urban Behaviour
Necklace: Costa Blanca
Belt: Costa Blanca

I bought L'Oreal Sublime Bronze glove!!! I have a shoot in mind but I want to be a little tan for it. It was on sale so I figure might as well. I'll take pictures and write a review for that as well.


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