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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Went to the CNE yesterday strictly to shop. TBH I was pretty disappointed, I find there is better outlet shopping on Orfus Rd. but I was hanging out with friends so that made up for it. I spent about $50 and bought three dress, one blouse and one vest. Two of the dresses were bought strictly for shoots, not sure if I'd wear it out, and one of the dresses, THAT I LOOOOVE, had the wrong tag.. IT'S A FLIPPING XS! Dammit! :( Hopefully I can sew it into something to salvage the pretty. (I'll attempt to edit/make a new post with pictures of what I bought). Anyway, here is today!

I just love the pattern on this blouse! I think this outfit costs $30 total. :D yea thrift shopping!


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