Sunday, July 24, 2011


  • Likes: Make-up, skincare, food, health, languages (currently knows only basic Italian and Japanese), photography and games (mainly RPGs but not online ones.. Tales series ftw!)
  • University Student working in retail hell
  • Italian, born and raised in Canada. Love them both! ♥
  • Other websites: In My Tummy You Go! (food picture blog), Twitter, Last.fm, Beautylish
  • Contact: missfeelo @ gmail . com

    I'm like one of those girls who buys everything in pink and it's vomit worthy.. except replace pink with orange and take out the vomit part because orange is a cool colour. I love languages and wish I could pick them up easily but I have a lazy study habit so it takes me a while. Currently studying Italian but Korean is on my to-learn list.
    I have a fine appreciation for food; love to cook and take pictures! I listen to a lot of foreign music and I'd say Kpop/foreign music is my guilty pleasure but I'm definitely not guilty about it. 2PM + Sonohra

  • '89er

    My photos are taken with a Canon Rebel T1i, EF 50mm or EF 18-55mm or my Google Nexus S and are watermarked with "MissFeelo".

    Adopted? Cute things?  



    Feelo, thank you for inviting me to be a regular guest blogger on this awesome blog!

    For those who don't personally know me, here's my entire existence in 15 sentences:
    I was born and raised in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean. I love my culture. I am of mixed race but I look white, white and more white. My mother is actually Indian, Chinese and African!
    I'm 5'1.5 -yes, that half-inch makes a world of difference!
    I consider myself to be borderline-pretentious when it comes to music. I often attend  the opera. Because I'm that cultured!
    I am stupidly terrified of snakes.
    I will make a horrible wife. Unless you don't mind being my personal chef, maid and chauffeur. Then I will make a great wife.
    I aspire to be a mad scientist.  NO JOKE. My greatest role models are The Brain (of  "Pinky and The Brain") and Clone High's principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth.


    Hi, everyone!
    I’m the ‘Sophie’ half of Filosophie! You can call me Sophie, or Soph, but I prefer Queen of the Universe. Now that that’s settled, I guess I’m supposed to tell you about myself.
    I’m 24, just graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a diploma in environmental assessment. Currently, I’m attending Seneca College for a diploma in Environmental Project Management. Basically, I’m going to be your boss one day.
    I have a variety of interests but I guess the main ones include:
    1) Music
    2) Baseball
    3) Rock climbing and,
    4) Nail polish

    Most of my posts will be about those four things!!

    A few random facts about me
    1)  I’m the most impatient person but I’m trying really hard to work on it.
    2) I don’t like bananas but I eat them anyway because they’re good for me.
    3) I love tattoos, especially boys with tattoo sleeves.
    4) I’m a bit of a loner. I enjoy ‘me’ time.
    5) I met Filo at Hallmark.
    6) I’m Canadian but despise hockey.
    7) Bacon deserves its own food group.
    8)8) I go to too many concerts; it’s the reason why my hearing is so terrible.
    9) I have a hard time saying no.
    10) You’re awesome for reading this!


    How our name came to be?
    Sophie's genius friend Garret asked us if we made the "philosophy" connection with our names. We did not. Filo + Sophie = Filosophie, getttti? ;)

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