HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Cat Woman Costume Review

'allo! ARE YOU READY (for whatever reason I'm having flashbacks to The Rock's signature saying -can you smell, what the rock... IS COOKING?!-, I'm saying it like he would) FOR A SEXY CAT WOMAN COSTUME?! Because I am.

Reasons why Cat Woman is amaze balls:

  1. CATS
  2. Bodysuit -show off your figure without showing skin
  3. it's the Anne Hathaway suit, updated, not full pleather, more flattering
  4. CATS
  5. CATS
  6. meow, cats!

So the costume fits wonderfully and is extremely comfortable. It's a grey-black patterned fabric with pleather accents. The belt is a MUST imo because it helps accentuate your waist. I find the costume to be a bit too "straight", if that makes sense, but apparently I have a short.. or long torso (I'm really not sure). Basically, my height makes bodysuits/jumpers fit a bit awkwardly. 

It is made by Costume Supercentre, here are the NEWEST CATWOMAN COSTUMES as well as BATMAN VILLAINS because going as a group is always so much cooler.

The pleather accents on the leg portion is my favourite. It makes your legs look longer and also makes it seem like you're wearing thigh high boots. Get the look without the uncomfortableness that is thigh-high boots!

PROBLEM though.. it's DAMN SEE THROUGH! As you can see from the photo above.. also, for reference I am 5'6.5 and this is a SIZE S. Camel toes and wedgies... very possible, be careful my friends.

It comes with the suit, gloves, cat ear headbands (which is quite comfortable however I can't wear headbands for too long because anything putting a little pressure on my head gives me headaches. It looks a bit odd in person but the ears look really cool when you actually put them on.

 It also comes with a mask which is the most disappointing aspect imo. You can see the cut outs from the rubbery material and I'm not fond of the smell that has lingered after it being made but honestly, I'd rock a hot cat liner and you can forego the mask.

I did a straight cut smokey eye with cat liner and a plum-fuchsia lip. 

Products used:
Make Up For Ever HD foundation/powder
Make Up For Ever artist shadows
Make Up For Ever aqualiner
Stilazzi falsies
theBalm Bahama Mama
l.a girl lip liner in Pink Parfait
Rimmel "Kate" lipstick 120

All-in-all I love the costume, my friends love it and have been asking me where to buy it. I'm not a fan of showing so much skin but I'm totally cool with nicely fit bodysuits!! 


OH.. and I got a little kitty cat!!! hehe more on him soon!

Firmoo Glasses and Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Review!

I have two loves that I see day to day, fashion and makeup. Today, I'm writing a post combing the two!

I know you guys have seen or at least heard of them. I've used them before (they have first pair free or 50% off for first time customers) and got these beautiful pair of turquoise and yellow glasses. However, they didn't feel comfortable to wear, I suspect this is because of my prescription. I did contact customer service who was very helpful, they asked for a photo of the prescription to verify and remedy the situation. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my prescription! Oh well.

Fast forward a few months and here I am trying them again. When choosing a pair I thought, do I pick a pair I can easily wear everyday and not have to worry about it? or do I chose a pair that's going to be eye-catching?

Guess which one I chose.

ARE THEY NOT GORGEOUS! Let me just tell you how many compliments I've received while wearing these, a lot. I was debating between the purple and green pair but since I already have purple opted for green.

The style is called "Rena" and it comes in black and purple, I can't seem to find the queen pair anymore, seems like they rotate their stock?

They were listed as $23.00

Yes, let that sink in TWENTY THREE DOLLARS! Now, the frames don't feel like a million bucks but they look damn good. I do have an everyday pair already, but these are great on days I have to dress subtly because I need something to POP in my attire!

They came with a carrying case with a cute world map pattern on it. The frames are comfortable to wear and Firmoo often has discounts and deals (though they're already inexpensive to begin with). So, if you're in the market for some fashionable and inexpensive frames, check out Firmoo!!

Looking at their current stock there are a few other frames I'd like to get as well. :3 Seriously, people look at glasses, eyes are generally the first thing noticed (did I just make that up?) play 'em up!

Disclaimer: Firmoo sent me these glasses to review, I was not paid or influenced, my opinions are my own and this is an honest review.


It's no secret, at least in real life, that I absolutely love Make Up For Ever. Here is my disclaimer, I work for them but was not paid nor asked to write this.

Dany, the creator of MUFE, brought out a new "artist shadow" line with a completely different formula. The shadows blend like a dream and are crazy pigmented. I'm so in love with them, I want all of the shades!! I have bought the matte black (unf) and this palette thus far because I need to budget my makeup spending. haha

It retails for C$48 on Sephora aand it's worth it. The first three are easy neutral shades for an everyday look, I use the matte (first) shade to blend my underbone for pretty much every look. You can do day, night, dramatic, skys the limit!

Here is a quick swatch on my arm. I realize I forgot one shadow.. shame since it's a beautiful golden colour. These are swatched with my finger, but no primer and only one swipe except for the light purple shade, which is a diamond shade and it supposed to be more about the sparkle and pizzaz. This is two swipes.

I am filming, or trying to, and used the palette for this look.

The Beginnings of Darkness

I got to try out some more Motives Cosmetics eyeshadow and chose this lovely forest green shade. I planned on doing a smokey eye, but I didn't plan it looking so dark. I just kept going and love how it turned out. Also, I'm a sucker for black lipstick (but let me just add NYX "Penelope" looks lovely but doesn't have the best lasting power!). I'm using Make Up For Ever everything else basically.

Also used the secret moments palette previously mentioned and a MAC shadow for the hightlight, which name I can't seem to remember atm.

I was going to turn this into a queen of darkness thing but I think this is more a cross of a princess of darkness and raven look.

Yonique 3D Fibre Mascara Review

 Disclaimer: I was sent this product free to try. My opinions are my own, this review was not paid for.

I remember when fibre mascara just hit the North American market and desperately wanting to join the trend of having longer lashes without the use of falsies. I've tried lash serums and although they help condition my lashes, don't really help the growth. As far as I know there's only one product that works and you need to visit a health care practitioner to get it prescribed. BUT! I also remember searching the #longlashes tag on instagram and coming by this product. Instead of buying it I bought a similar brand off eBay. I hated it to say the least.. fast forward a year and here we are, I get to try the real thing!


You get two brushes, a transparent gel (which is actually pretty damn banging, I'm a fan of the brush and it just applies really nicely). Then you have the fibre brush. You're supposed to apply your own favourite mascara, wait for it to dry then apply the transparent gel and quickly the fibres. Then seal with the transparent gel again. These are my results after two applications:

Top: Coat of my own mascara
Middle: left has two coats of fibre mascara, right shows just my mascara
Bottom: Both eyes have two coats of fibre mascara

As you can see, it most definitely works. I will say though that is very easy to get the spider lash look, some girls like that, but I am not particularly a fan. The first time I used it I needed my brush separator to loosen it up a bit, I then found using a clump-free mascara was very beneficial. I likely would not use more than two coats of the fibres for this reason.

If I didn't wear this mascara or falsies I don't think this look would have turned out quiet well. Lashes really give oomph to makeup looks imho. The best thing about this is that it is not as time consuming as putting lashes on. You don't have to wait for lash glue to dry you simply just apply some coats of mascara. It's really easy to use!

I don't think I would use this on clients, but I do recommend it for personal use. The main reason being it would be difficult for a makeup artist to use on a client because when you're applying makeup on someone else, for hygienic reasons you use a disposable wand (unless they're using their own mascara). The fibres are held onto a special brush and would likely apply unevenly if I used one of my disposables.

The set is priced at $29 which is a bit steep for me, however, there isn't a fibre mascara that works as well as this out there (at least that I know of). So if longer lashes are important for you, then it's not a huge price to pay. I do see this lasting quite a while, especially the fibre wand.

Rest of the products used on my face:

  • Make Up For Ever Face & Body
  • Make Up For Ever aqua brow
  • Ben Nye bella poudre
  • Rimmel Kohl liner
  • Nicka K Maxi Satin Lip Crayon in "bright orange"
  • The Balm "Bahama Mama"
  • Benefit "Rocketeer"
  • La Femme white cake liner
  • Motives "Secret Moments" eyeshadow

Thank you Kristin who helped me finally try this mascara out! They sell for $29 for the set and you can purchase it over here.

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