Lime Crime: My Beautiful Rocket Review!

Did you know that orange is one of the spring 2014 makeup trends? It was in fashion a little while ago and now it's hit the make-up shelves. As you may or may not know, my favourite colour is orange so I more than welcome this trend!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge. My opinions written here are my own and have not been influenced nor am I being paid to review this item.

I've never tried any of Lime Crime products before, I wasn't particularly interested in the brand until recently. I knew they had some really cool looking lipstick colours but I once read that the pigmentation was so high that the formula in turn made you lips dry! So I backed away from it. HOWEVER, after trying it myself I have to completely disagree with that review.

Formula: Not only is it not drying, it's actually one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I have.  It glides on with ease and although I do apply a second layer after blotting, that's because I have horribly chapped lips and it just looks better that way (pro tip: applying a second layer (or more!) after blotting with make your lipstick last longer!)

Packaging: Who was in charge of this? I'm not sure whether or not I think it's a child or adult toy. I hate it. I don't like the sparkly, holographic print thats spread around the tube. It definitely stands out in my kit, that's for sure!

Pigmentation: Perfect. It's highly pigmented, a BEAUTIFUL shade of orange (the name holds true). I can't say anything else about it because it's just that good.

SCENT: It smells like vanilla, my MUA instructor said it reminder her of her MAC lipsticks. I'm indifferent but I know scents aren't for everyone. I so would have loved it they made it give off a citrusy scent instead of something sweet but I imagine that's what they were going for as the brand itself has sweet looking packaging.

Overall: I would most definitely get the other shades. I think this is not only a great addition for my make-up kit (looks wonderful in photographs) but it's also great for the average gal.

+beautiful shade of orange
+fragrance (depending)

-fragrance (depending)

DEAR CANADIANS: If you know me, you know I am an avid online shopper but I HATE paying for shipping. I find Canadian shipping rates to be less than ideal and generally there is a higher minimum order amount for free shipping HOWEVER, offers FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER within Canada. Um, hello, yes please!!

The lipstick can be found here. I had a really hard time choosing this, I kept going back to airborne and poisonberry buuut since I have similar shades I opted for something new to try!

I really want to try the velvetines lipgloss now, it looks delicious! I'm really considering getting some soon since now I don't have to pay shipping!

Which shade would you like to try? Leave a comment below letting me know!

Sephora Waterproof Cream Liner Review

As a Christmas present to myself I bought some make-up from Sephora. It's actually the first time I made a purchase off (didn't realize that Canadian orders are still shipped from the US.. why?!) and I actually don't often go to Sephora. I get the hype now though, I do. haha Anyway, this little cream liner was on sale and I feel in love with the colour.


The rest of my face has on:
Kiehl's BB cream 'Fair'
Make-up Geek 'Beaches and Cream' shadow
Ardell self-adhesive lashes 1205
Pandora mascara
Ben Nye natural loose powder
La Femme blush in peach
La Femme brow pencil in 'taupe'
Rimmel khol liner in midnight blue
Kryolan highlight from V1 palette
Cuicu eyeshadow in 10
Lipstick ... a mixture of NYX paris and a Glossybox pink

I used Urban Decay's potion primer and Cover fx's concealer (e0) as a base. I wore this the night of a creative shoot at my school where there were at least 15 girls in a small room rushing to put make-up on. It was HOT. The liner on top stayed on the whole night whereas the bottom started to smudge. Didn't notice till the end of the night though. I also didn't apply primer on the bottom as I was in a rush. Ooops!

Colour: The colours is GORGEOUS! For whatever reason I'm very attracted to electric blues of purples. I would never have thought of wearing blue though but I decided to do something I wouldn't normally do. I love how it turned out. People told me they though they colour was gorgeous, I can only imagine how beautiful this would look on some brown eyes. It'd really make them pop!

Texture: It's what it says it is, a nice, soft, creamy texture that doesn't dry out too fast so you can play around with it before setting it. I DO recommend setting it with powder afterwards, I don't see it lasting too long without.

Would I repurchase? I may if it's on sale or there is another neat colour. It's not my HG cream liner (MUFE) but I do think it's a good purchase. I like the texture and that it doesn't instantly dry so I can work with it a bit. The colour is beautiful and has good pigmentation. Lasts a fairly good amount of time on but with primer.

I bought it on Sephora on sale for $6 so I don't know if that means it's discontinued or just not in stock as it's not listed on the page anymore. Here's the link!

Boy Before Friends Episode Two Recap/Review

I hope you all stuck around for episode two because it definitely has improved from the first episode. They still need to work on things but it's nice that they're listening to the criticisms and taking them seriously. In this episode we get to see the Z3!!! and the F4 develop a bit with their relationships with each other. This episode was funny. And in a good way. I lol'd (literally) more than once. Yay!

You can watch Boys Before Friends on Viki or their youtube channel.

Boys Before Friends Episode One Recap/Review

Claude Racine who plays the main actress in the first episode

     As you may or may not know, I love Asian dramas. My poison of choice is mainly of the Korean kind but I throw in some spicy Japanese and Chinese shows in ever so often. I've seen every adaptation of Boys Over Flowers except for the Hong Kong version. I enjoyed them all except for the Korean version (you're free to hate me all you'd like but I'm sorry, it is light years away from the Japanese version). I know you're likely thinking, um, so what does this have to do with your beauty and fashion website? and my response is absolutely nothing but it's my site so I get to choose what I post. :)

I decided to recap and review the show. I may not do it right after each episode, or for the whole thing but I'm going to start it. My mission is going to try and look at this with an unbiased mindset, after-all Meteor Garden was the first Asian drama I ever watched so I do have a soft spot for this story.

Here we go!

You can watch Boys Before Friends on Viki or their youtube channel.

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