Purple Days

I seem to always go to purples and browns with my makeup. I guess since I have green eyes those are just the colours that look best on me but most people (re:possibly everyone) looks amazing in both those colours. I mean, you can't really go wrong with brown. I tested out the L.A Girl lip paints again and as much as I love the colours, the staying power just doesn't work for me. In retrospect, I don't think they're meant to stay on for long. They remind me of lipgloss, that just isn't meant to stay on your lips through eating, drinking and socializing. It looks damn pretty though!

Bonus, outfit post as well!! The sun would be really bright one second and cloudy the next. Guess I didn't choose an ideal time to start taking photos. haha

Make Up For Ever: face & body, aqua brows, primer, fixer, eyeshadow
Kryolan: eyeshadow
L.A Girl: lip paints
Ben Nye: bella powder
The Face Shop:  fibre mascara
The Balm: Bahama Mama
La Femme: pink sparkle blush
Ardell: lashes #122 (I think... lost the packaging ><)

Outfit Of The Day + Make!

 I had the best meeting today, will be working on a makeup and photography job (yes, I'm doing both!) and am super pumped! Ever meet someone and just get a really good vibe from them and you just know whatever you guys do will turn out great? Left with that kind of feeling. Here is what I wore today, it was beautiful, sunny and humid out.. so I didn't last long outdoor (you can see how pale I am right? haha).

Shirt: UP
Skirt: H&M
Waist and head chain: eBay
Purse+watch: Fossil

Skin: Make Up For Ever HD, Ben Nye Bella Powder
Blush: Benefit 'Rockateur'
Contour: The Balm 'Bahama Mama'
Eyes: La Femme 'dark brown' + Creme lashes #472S, The Face Shop mascara
Lips: L.A Girl lip liner in 'Pink Parfait' and OCC's 'Queen' lip tar

ahahaha and when I try and look cool...

So let me tell you, after my meeting and lunch my lipstick was still in really good condition, didn't reapply once and I was SO shocked! Wasn't until I had a very messy drink and some slippery snacks that I had to actually reapply. OCC on its own has good lasting power, but I find after I eat the innermost centre part of the lip will fade, liner prevented that.

Also, I pretty  much love all body and head chains. Expect to see more of them. haha :)

Why, hello there 700D!

Remember all those posts of me talking about upgrading my camera? Plans for Youtube? WELL, IT'S HAPPENED AND HAPPENING. I finally upgraded my camera (Canon 700D/t5i - Canon love!♥), it shipped in a few days ago actually but I fell ill and wasn't able to play with it. I'm feeling marginally better today and whipped it out for some photos, testing it.

I love it as much as I love food.

(That's a lot!)

I haven't been able to take many FOTD's for reasons not beyond the fact that my day job requires natural makeup and the same thing over and over again is boring. So here's some natural, some colour and some BAM. The last photo set is taken with the new camera, do you see a difference??

This is one of my favourites look I did the past week or so. It's a good everyday look imo, I could even see playing it up a bit with a canary yellow highlight on the inner eye corner for some pop of colour.

Bought L.A Girl's Lip Paints, this is 'coy' mixed with OCC's Lip Tar in 'Traffic' on the sides. I LOVE how my lips look in this one. I've been really into overdrawing my lips, mainly my upper lip which tends to be much smaller than my bottom. Bought them from iKatehouse - Hair Accessories, Affordable Jewelry, Cosmetics, Eyelashes, Beauty Care which has become my new favourite place to shop for inexpensive cosmetics. I love the lashes they have and it's fast, easy shipping to Canada!

The sun was welcoming and so I brought my camera out and this happened. I don't think I can gush enough about how much I love this camera. I'm excited to see what I produce with it. Still getting used to it but I'm really excited to CREATE!!!\

Anyway, this look was inspired by the blue/gold look that Paris Hilton reps in her newest MV teaser (sadly I'm not really into the song). I used Motive's Cosmetics 'Secret Moments' palette. I've created some other looks with the colours too and will be uploading those as well. :3



I'm going to try something new, I love writing reviews but sometimes my schedule is a bit too hectic. If I'm working a 13 hour day the last thing on my mind is taking photos HOWEVER, lately I've had enough time to just take some selfies or as I will be calling them, FOTD. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the acronym stands for Face of the Day. I don't know who came up with this but I like it and am totally stealing it. I'm going to try and post these weekly.. or biweekly, depending on how many photos I take!

Because while working in a Sephora store one day, this one cast member had the most beautiful yellow-peach gradient lip. I felt inspired! I got some new Ben Nye shadows played around! Lip was made with Lime Crimes 'My Beautiful Rocket' lippie I reviewed here and OCC's 'traffic'.

Ever heard of Yaby Cosmetics? They're a Canadian, all vegan brand that's supposed to be very pigmented. I have heard of them but didn't get a chance to try them out till recently. Their pans are very small (about the size of a dime) but they are pigmented! Lovely colours, I'll definitely be reviewing them. Also used Make Up For Ever shadow.

What can I say.. I have a thing for smokey eyes. Felt like doing something natural after wearing a blue smokey the previous night. Used Yaby and Make Up For Ever. Also sporting Nicka K's Satin Lip Pencil in 'nude', it's a super inexpensive brand that delivers nice pigmentation. It's not the best formula but for the price it's great!

OH also, finally upgrading my camera! Super stoked, I can finally start filming! I'm a perfectionist which is why I haven't started yet. Also, now that I'm done school I'm wishfully thinking I'll have some more time for my blog, though I'm out working now my schedule isn't static. ;D


I graduated last week! It was very exciting and nerve wrecking (convocation kind of freaked me out.. so many people!!). Last year I was having all this anxiety about finishing school but my mind has never been so clear now that I've actually graduated. I'm happy I pursued what I wanted to do and finished my degree. I know it's scary but if you're in that position or just unsure what you want to do.. go out and experiment, find what you want to do. Do what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks. You matter the most!!

I may actually go back to get my master's.. or something. I may be a little addicted to education. heh #nerdlife My co-workers started asking where my new hangout spot would be since I wouldn't have any study materials to go to the library with. LOL

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