One Ticket To The Circus "Freak" Show!

The company I work for had a really fun makeup competition this month. Sadly, I didn't make the deadline. For no good excuse, I had little time to prepare and plan and I felt that my entry fell short, I didn't enter but I didn't hate what I created either. I'm posting it here to show all of you! CCW, of course. ;)

I have a drawer full of wigs and I am happy for it (thanking my "younger" cosplaying self) I chose the "sweetest" colours I had and went to town. I wanted to go a little clown inspired but not totally. I knew I wanted to do some sort of conjoined/Siamese twin route because I didn't think that would be a difficult thing to photoshop.

One Curler To Rule Them All: Irresistible Me 8-in-1 Curling Iron REVIEW

I love curly hair. Maybe it's the fact that my hair is pin straight, super long and I have so much of it  (I'm not complaining!) but I've always loved the looks of curls and waves. I am, however, low maintenance when it comes to my hair but a lot of that stems from a) me not having many tools, b) not knowing what to do with my hair and c) my hair likes to be straight and that's it.

WELL, it makes my life easier to have one wand and a whole stack of iron rods (8 to be exact!). I introduce to you, Irresistible Me's 8-in-1 Curling Iron. Leggo!

[HAUL] Coastal Scents Hot Pots, Brushes & Revealed 2!

If you haven't heard of Coastal Scents before, they're an online beauty and cosmetic company that sells inexpensive makeup, brushes, tools and skincare items. They promise "quality on a budget" and I decided to test that out. The hot pots in particular are raved about online and I wanted to see if they were really worth the hype.

I had been lusting over a few colours for a while and I had a feeling their annual hot pot sale would be coming up soon (I actually went through and marked down when they normally happen) but it just so happened I was on a vacation of sorts with minimal data. By the time I got back most were sold out but there were a few left in my wish list that I decided to grab.

I got seven hot pots, in order as shown above are, Teal Green, Vibrant Blue, Iceberg, OlivewoodCherry moss, Gypsy Green, Vibrant Red and Ash Grey. Swatches are swatched using Jessie's Girl Eyeshadow Primer which I do not recommend. It does help with pigmentation but can elevate patchiness, this was my second time using the primer (and likely my last). Some of the colours swatched a bit patchy with primer

Removing WATERPROOF Makeup!

Hey guys!

I LOVE waterproof makeup! Why is that? Chances are it's going to last a long longer than your average joe product (not always, but a good portion of the time). However, at IMATs last year one lady was having a hard time picking which mascara to choose, regular or waterproof. I always suggest waterproof mascara when available because it holds a curl better and the chances of fallout are less. She, however, was having such a hard time because she believed it was hard to remove waterproof makeup. Her friend and I both chimed in at the same time and said --OILS!

YES! Oils are the best, in my opinion, at taking off waterproof makeup because the breakdown the ingredients that leave such a tight hold on your skin.

There are a few different methods to removing waterproof makeup and I hope to outline them here. I own all, and have tested all the products listed below. For reference to any personal experiences with these, I have combo/dehydrated skin.


This is one of my favourites because I always have olive oil in my house. I may not use the super expensive oil on my face (and sometimes I do, but don't tell the rest of my house) but even the cheaper olive oil is great at removing eye makeup.

METHOD: Same as Vaseline, fingers or cotton pad.
Recommended Area: Face/eyes/lips
Price: Varies ~$10CAD+

TIP! Place some oils where ever you'd like to remove your makeup, massage, wait a few seconds then massage again. They need some time to really dig deep and get the gunk out. Cleansing, unfortunately, doesn't take just a few seconds. I was once told to sing happy birthday to myself 3x and that's the length of cleansing I should do.

Primer/Setting/Finishing Sprays: Review and Comparison (MUFE, Face Atelier, Skindinavia, E.L.F)

E.L.F, Face Atelier Face Finish, Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, Skindinavia Setting Spray Finishing Spray

 As written in my previous primer post, there are spray versions and, you can also use setting/fixer sprays as a primer as well. Sprays are mostly for oil control or a hydration boost and won't help with pore minimizing or colour correcting. I have a number of them and was requested to write up a review of Skindinavia, so I thought I might as do a bit write up of the ones I own and have tried.